Visually and musically interesting.

Visually and musically interesting.

Sometimes an instrument comes along that changes the way you perceive and perform music. For me, that is the LinnStrument.

My EDM nook. ;)

My EDM nook. 😉

After months and years of accumulating electronic music equipment (see above…) and not doing much with it beyond experimenting, it has brought me back to playing music like I did when I was so much into guitars. No accident, that, as the LinnStrument is tuned like the lower four strings on a guitar. Always good to start with a familiar layout.

BitWig 8-Track.

BitWig 8-Track.

Included in the princely price of purchase is a license for a DAW (digital audio workstation, a thingy in the computer to make music with!). It is BitWig 8-Track. This DAW is very much like Ableton and in fact programmed by developers deserted from Ableton. You get two installations, so I put one on my MacBook Pro and one on my Linux laptop. Yes, Linux, it is the only commercial DAW software for Linux that I know of.

Philip Glass, logical!

Philip Glass, logical!

My interest in learning DAWs renewed, I also had another look at Logic. That’s another DAW, by Apple. There’s Reason, too. What names! Anyway, I’ve actually been reading manuals as an initial training in BitWig and Logic. This is just the beginning and while I can play software instruments from both DAWs, I’ve only gotten BitWig to talk to my modular synthesizer over MIDI or USB or whatever. I’m sure there is a logical solution, too!

Meanwhile, the Hammond Organ inside Logic isn’t so bad for playing Glass’ “Koyaanisqatsi” on.


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